Uk Student Visa

  1.  Short brief about UK.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom or Britain, is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental Europe.

  • Capital: London
  • Dialing code: 44Minimum
  • wage: 1,189.92 EUR per month (Jul 2013)
  • Population: 63.23 million (2012)
  • Government: Unitary state, Constitutional monarchy, Parliamentary system
  1. Why study in UK
  • UKএকটি English ভাষা-ভাষী দেশ
  • IELTS-সহ বা ছাড়া পড়তে যাওয়া সম্ভব।
  • Tuition Fees হাতের নাগালেই।
  • USA/ Canada -তে Credit Transfer-এর সুযোগ।
  • Study gap থাকলেও পড়তে যাওয়া সম্ভব।
  • সাপ্তাহিক 20  ঘন্টা কাজের অনুমোদন এছাড়াও summer vacation-G 2/3 মাস full time কাজের সুযোগ রয়েছে।
  1. BBA/MBA/EEE/CSE Program offered and duration
  • Under Graduate     : EEE, CSE -সহ সকল Engg., BBA -সহ সকল Business
  • Related কোর্স Pre medicine.
  • Duration        : 3 years
  • Post Graduate     : M.Sc, MBA, MCOM, Bar-at-Law and MSC
  • Duration        : 2 years
  1. Scholarship in uk
    •    IELTS-এ Score 6.5 – 7.5 থাকলে Scholarship পাওয়া সম্ভব| একাডেমি result এর উপর Scholarship নির্ভর করে।
  2. Semester in UK University
  • January-February
  • June – July
  • September – October
  1.  Tuition fees per year in USD
  • Under Graduate : University: £(5,700-7,000)/year
    College : £(3,000-4,500)/year
  • Post Graduate    : University : £(4,500-7,500)/year
    College : £(3,500-5,200)/year
  1.  When to pay tuition fees
  • Full/ Partly before visa (Depends of University)
  1.  Application fees in BDT
  • 5,000 BDT (
  1.  Living expense in Pound (£) per month
  • £ (350 – 500)

1. Minimum GPA/CGPA requirement

  • Under Graduate : SSC : 3.0 – 3.5 min
  • HSC : 3.0 – 3.5 min

2.Post Graduate : SSC : 3.0 – 3.5 min

  • HSC : 3.0 – 3.5 min
  • Bachelor : CGPA- 2.5 out of 4 or 2nd Class

3. English Language proficiency

  • Specially IELTS (min 5.0)

1.    Visa application

  • In Bangladesh

2.    Visa Application Form

  • Not Exists

3.    Necessary documents

  • Passport.
  • All Academic Certificate & Transcript.
  • S.S.C & H.S.C Admit+ Registration card.
  • Birth Certificate (In English).
  • Recommendation Letter (Masters).
  • CV (Masters).
  • Experience Letter if job holder (Masters).
  • Photo (8Copy on White Background).
  • IELTS/TOEFL Certificate.
  • Medical Certificate.

4.    Sponsor details

  • Bank statements have to maintain last 28 days-
  • For London: £9000
  • For outer London: £7200

Sponsor could be student himself/ father/mother/legal guardian. if father is sponsor then required documents as follow

  •  Declaration attached by notary public
  • Birth certificate

5.    Embassy fees and processing time

  • Embassy fee: (38,000-42,000) BDT
  • Time : 1.5 – 2.0 months

6.    Interview

  •  Yes

7.    Embassy Locations & Hours

  • Address : United Nations Road, Baridhara
    PO Box 6079 Dhaka, Dhaka – 1212, Bangladesh
    Phone:+88-2 882-2705, +88-2 882-2709
    Fax: +88-2 882-3437,   Email:

8.    Application Center

Address : VFS Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd.
UK Visa Application Centre
ZN Tower,
1st Floor, Plot # 2, Road # 8,
Block SW(1),
Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212.

  • Sunday to Thursday:
  • Working hours:    8:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • Applicants wishing to lodge applications are requested to enter the visa
  • application centre between:    8:30 am to 2:00 pm
  • Passport delivery:    3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
  • Information Time:    8:30 am to 2:30 pm
  • Personal Information?

Applicant’s Name: XXXXX
Date of Birth: XXXXX (please check your DOB)
Country of Birth: Bangladesh
Permanent Address: XXXXXXXXX (Tell the permanent address written in your passport)

  • Why do you want to study in UK? Or why do you want to go to UK?

UK is the most developed country in the world, and has the reputation of providing world class education. There are plenty of learning and research opportunities in UK, and the high cultural diversity in campus along with the help of modern technologies will make me a well-rounder performance with leadership quality. Therefore, I want to complete my Undergraduate/Post-Graduate degree from UK to make me a skillful and highly demanding candidate in the job market of Bangladesh.

  • Why have you chosen X College/University (Whichever college you chose) College?

XXX College/University is a renowned research institution with good reputation. Their Business/Engineering programs are very popular and demanding with sufficient difficulty level. I will learn a lot from class room, labs, and group performances. I believe X College/University is for the best and brilliant students, and I will be honored to be a part of it. After getting the degree I want to come back to Bangladesh and work for the development of local Corporate Houses.

  • Why do you want to study BBA/MBA major?

“There is a high demand of Business graduates in Bangladesh, and the American degree is very attractive to the potential employers. Due to shortage of skillful manpower, local companies in Bangladesh are being bound to hire people from philosophy or let’s say chemistry major that are not so effective. So, getting the BBA/MBA degree from a country like UK, which has so many Big Multinational Companies, Electronics &Technology Industries, will definitely give me an International learning platform and make me a highly demanding candidate in my local job market.”

Therefore, I want to study BBA/MBA to get a good positioning reputed Corporate House in Bangladesh and will try my best to take the local business into the International Market.

  • Why do you want to Study for “X” Engineering major?

Bangladesh is still very far behind advanced technological improvement comparing to any developed country like UK. In Bangladesh, there is always a lacking of modern lab equipment in local universities, and due to insufficient research opportunities students are deprived from getting world class education. So an American engineering degree at X College/ University will give me all the necessary exposure to modern science, technology and high-tech lab facilities which will shape my future career. I will learn and gain valuable experience from studying engineering in America.

  • Who is sponsoring you/for your studies?

“My Father is my financial sponsor and he will bear all my expenditure while I am studying in UK.”
Father’s Name: XXX (your father is your financial sponsor. DO NOT FORGET THAT!!)

  • Occupation of your Father/ What does your Financial Sponsor/Father do?

My Father is XXX (job position) at XXX (Name of institution) and besides this profession, he is also involved in side business (Export Import Business/Store in market/restaurant, etc).
(Prepare your answer according to your father’s situation before going to the Interview)

Or if your father is a businessman then say:

“My father is a businessman and does XXXXX (type and name of business). Also, he owns one/two buildings, property, etc. (If he has any property)

  • Relation of sponsor to you:

“My FATHER” Mother’s Name: XXXXX, Occupation: housewife
Or why there is a gap after your high school/college/university graduation?
Or what have you been doing since graduating from high school/college/university?
Or what you have you been doing since your college/university graduation?

For Under graduate Students, you should answer that:

“After completing my HSC, I initially planned on studying at a local university in Bangladesh, so I was preparing for that. But later I decided to Study in United States instead. So I began to do research on the American Education system at first, and then started preparing for the US college application, IELTS (if you have taken) and other related things to get admission to an American University.

This is why there was a time gap after my High School/College/University graduation.

For Graduate Applicant(or those you have job experience), you should answer that:

“After graduation from University, I have been doing job at X (company name) as X (job position) for X months/yrs (duration of work), and later decided to pursue a post-graduate/MBA degree in UK. So for the last one year I was doing research on the US Universities and prepared for the US University application, IELTS (if given) and other required things.

I always believe that the work experience that I have gained since completing High School/University in Bangladesh will help me in better understanding the things for my Bachelors/ Master’s degree in UK.

That is all that I have done since my College/University graduation.

  • Where will you stay in UK?

“I will live on-campus in the university/college dormitory and my university/college has already made arrangement for my room and boarding.” (Put the name of your respective university in “XXX” spot).
Note: Show your pure intention of coming back to Bangladesh after completing your studies.

At one point of VISA INTERVIEW, you SHOULD say that, “I will come back to Bangladesh and will not stay in UK after completing my degree there”

“NEVER say that you want to stay in UK after your studies” (You will NOT get VISA then)
IELTS Score—keep a copy of your IELTS (if given) Test Result during the interview.

Read all your ACADEMIC DOCUMENTS to prepare yourself to answer smartly any question related to your studies.
BRING all your school/college/university CERTIFICATES & TRANSCRIPTS to the Visa Interview

For Graduate Students who are working, Please bring a RESUME and an Employment Letter with you detailing your current job and salary.

  • How many universities did you apply?

I applied to four universities and got accepted in three of them.

What are the names of the colleges/Universities you applied in UK?

I applied to four universities which are i): X College/University (Name the one you are going to first), ii) George Washington University, iii) University of Delaware and iv) South Carolina State University.

1.    Logistics details
•    After getting visa, a student doesn’t know what he/she will do?
So here some tips about it:-
•    UK is a four season’s country. Winter, Autumn, Spring & Summer. So a student will carry some warm cloth & normal Cloth. Such as:
a)    Shirt. b) Pant. c) Jeans Pant. d) T-shirt. e)  Shoe. f) Jacket. g) Sweater.      f) Long Coat.
•    Bag & Luggage
Luggage. b) Hand Bag. c) Travel Bag.
•    How much a student can carry in his/her Luggage & Handbag?
a)    Luggage:- 20kg-46kg (Depend on Country & Airlines)
b)    Handbag:- 7kg
A student will confirm his Air ticket for reaching destination.
2.    Arrival way (cost)
UK Arrival Way:
All Airlines go to UK except Malaysia & Singapore Airlines.
a)    Emirates Airlines.
b)    Qatar Airlines.
c)    Turkish Airlines.
d)    Air India Airlines.
e)    Saudi Airlines.
Ticket Price: – 1, 00,000BDT – 2, 00,000BDT
Business Class: – 2, 50,000BDT
Economic Class: – 1, 00,000BDT
(All Airlines Ticket Price up down depend on seat available & Dollar Rate)
Carry in Luggage: – 30kg (2Lagugge)
Hand Bag: – 7kg

3.    Brief about Airport
•    After confirming the air ticket what a student will do in Airport?
1.    He/She will enter the airport 3 hours before flight schedule.
2.     Report to the Airlines Office with passport & air ticket for boarding pass.
3.    Fill up the boarding pass form & collecting it.
4.    Check his/her luggage & handbag.
5.    Report to the immigrant officer with boarding pass, passport & air ticket.
6.    After Passing the Immigration waiting for flight.

1.Employment opportunities

International Students can be able to apply for permission to work after starting their course. Applying process for a student visa with work permission can be organized electronically or on paper.

You will be able to get the chance to work up to 20 hrs a week on a casual basis during course time and full time during vacation periods.

Generally students of masters and PhD. Students spouse can apply for permission to work unlimited hours but, conditionally can also apply for permission to work up to 20 hours during a year. After completing you course, you may qualify for PR Visa for UK.

2.Wage rate

Students are legally permitted to work 20 hour/week. Minimum wage rate for student 8 Pound/hour.

1.    Special Facility

  • খুব দ্রুত Permanent Resident হওয়া যায়|
  • World-এর যে কোন Country-তে Permanent হওয়ার সুযোগ।
  • বিশ্বমানের Multinational Company-তে Job করার সুযোগ।

2.    Acquisition of Citizenship

  • By Marriage          :  Yes
  • By Legally Residing    : In Ten Years

2.    Advantage of Acquisition of Citizenship

  • Student can travel to USA, EU Nations, Canada without the need of a visa.

3.    Spouse

  • Not Exists

প্রশ্ন     : Why study in UK?
উত্তর    : নতুন নিয়মে UK-তে ভিসা পাওয়ার সম্ভবনা অনেক বেশি, স্পন্সরশীপ জটিলতা নেই, আন্তর্জাতিক স্বীকৃত

প্রশ্ন    : UK যেতে IELTS-এর প্রয়োজন আছে কিনা?
উত্তর    : কলেজ বা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ে ভর্তি হবে অবশ্যই IELTS–এর প্রয়োজন (score – 5.5 min)

প্রশ্ন    : UK যেতে কেমন খরচ হতে পারে?
উত্তর    : টিউশন ফি, Embassy fee, মেডিকেল টেষ্ট, বিমান ভাড়া এবং processing fee-সহ সর্বমোট ৭ থেকে ১০ লক্ষ টাকা খরচ হবে।

প্রশ্ন    : ব্যাংক solvency কত দেখাতে হবে?
উত্তর    : ১২ থেকে ১৫ লক্ষ টাকা।

প্রশ্ন    : ব্যাংক solvency কার account-এ দেখাতে হবে।
উত্তর    : Student-এর নিজস্ব account-এ।

প্রশ্ন    : কি কি documents লগবে?
উত্তর    : পাসপোর্টের প্রথম ৫ (পাঁচ) পাতার ফটোকপি, সকল পরীক্ষার সার্টিফিকেট এবং মার্কসিটের ফটোকপি,, One year study in English Certificate-এর ফটোকটি (যদি IELTS _v‡K), থাকে), ৪ কপি রঙ্গিণ ছবি (35mm X 5mm) এবং CV.

প্রশ্ন    : Part Time Job-এর সুবিধা কি?
উত্তর    : Only University Student-রা সপ্তাহে বা Weekly 20 hrs. Job করার সুবিধা।

প্রশ্ন    : Part Time Job করে পড়াশোনার খরচ চালালো যাবে?
উত্তর    : Part Time Job করে পড়াশোনার পাশাপাশি accommodation এবং অন্যান্য খরচ চালানো সম্ভব।

প্রশ্ন    : ভিসা কত বছরের জন্য দেয়া হবে?
উত্তর    : যতদিন ইচ্ছা ততদিন পড়াশোনা করা যাবে এবং পড়াশোনা শেষে চলে আসতে হবে।

প্রশ্ন    : যাওয়ার সময় হাতে করে কত টাকা নিয়ে যেতে হবে?
উত্তর    : ১ থেকে দেড় লক্ষ টাকা নেওয়া সবচেয়ে নিরাপদ।

প্রশ্ন    : UK-‡তে Tier Four System কি?
উত্তর    : নতুন নিয়মে UK-‡তে apply করার process করার নামই হলো Tier Four System

প্রশ্ন    : Tier Four System-এ ৪০ পয়েন্ট কিভাবে হয়ে থাকে?
উত্তর    : Offer Letter-এর জন্য ৩০ হয়েন্ট এবং ব্যাংক solvency-র জন্য ১০ পয়েন্ট।

প্রশ্ন    : S@ifur’s-এর সার্ভিস চার্জ কত?
উত্তর    : S@ifur’s †K †Kvb mvwf©m PvR© w`‡Z n‡e bv| ïaygvÎ File open করার সময় 3,000 টাকা কুরিয়ার চার্জ হিসেবে দিতে হবে। ভিসা পর কোন টাকা দিতে হবে না।

প্রশ্ন    : S@ifur’s-এর মাধ্যমে কোন University বা কলেজে ভর্তি হওয়া যায়।
উত্তর    : S@ifur’s যে কোন কলেজে বা University-‡Z apply করার সুযোগ করে দিতে পারবে। তবে।

প্রশ্ন    : London College of Accountancy-এ ভর্তির যোগ্যতা কি?
উত্তর    : IELTS Aek¨B 5.5 লগবে

প্রশ্ন    : কিভাবে Embassy face করাবো?
উত্তর    : Acceptance Letter, Accommodation Letter, Invoice, Visa form এবং যাবতীয় সার্টিফিকেট, Offer Letter, Medical Certificate সবগুলো 1 সেট Original copy এবং 1 সেট ফটোকপি নিয়ে Embassy face করতে হবে।

প্রশ্ন    : কত দিন পর offer letter পাওয়া যায়?
উত্তর    : 5 – 10 working day.

প্রশ্ন    : Medical Test কোথায় করতে হবে?
উত্তর    : Medinova Dhanmondi Branch এবং Popular Diagnostic Center-G test করতে হবে।

প্রশ্ন    : ভিসা পেতে কতদিন লাগে?
উত্তর    : Maximum 1 মাস।

প্রশ্ন    : কোন কোন program-G এ যেতে পারবে।
উত্তর    : CAT, ACCA, Diploma, Advance Diploma, Honors and Masters and Law Program-এ|

প্রশ্ন    : Embassy-তে কি interview দেয়া লাগে ।
উত্তর     : লাগবেন, কারণ পয়েন্ট সিস্টেম (৪০ পয়েন্ট) হওয়ায় Embassy-তে interview দেয়া লাগেনা।

•    Glyndwr University, London
•    Anglia Ruskin University
•    The University of Ulster
•    The college of law
•    University of Wales Trinity Saint David
•    University of Dundee
•    University of Sunderland London Campus
•    South Thames College
•    Plymouth University
•    Waltham Forest College
•    Birmingham Metropolitan College
•    Kaplan Financial
•    University of Wales Trinity Saint David
•    The University of Ulster