Nether Land Student Visa

Capital: Amsterdam
Language: Dutch
Currency: Euro
Per Capita Income: USD $42000

  • World class education quality in par with the quality of education in USA, UK , Canada or Australia.
  • Can work both on campus and off campus
  • Can get work permit after completion of the degree in three years for bachelor’s and 1 year for master’s
  • Very competitive tuition fees: EUR 18,000(USD 23,000) for the whole undergraduate program whereas in USA it would cost at least USD 32,000 for the whole undergraduate program. For 1 year graduate program the tuition fees would be EUR 8500(USD 11,000) whereas in USA the tuition fees for the graduate program would at least be USD 15,000.
  • Citizenship could be obtained after residing with valid residence permit for five years.
  • Citizenship could be obtained by marriage in three years but the permanent residence permit is obtained immediately in three to six months after marriage.
  • No visa interview required. Visas are generally granted if the student gets admitted to the university.

Tourism Management

  • BA, BBA,BSC, BCOM, Engineering( Both associate & Bachelor’s available)
  • Business Diploma, Engineering Diploma

Certificate Courses:

  • Engineering Diploma, Electrical Technician Certificate, Plumbing Technician


  • SSC        = 3.50(minimum)
  • HSC        =3.50(minimum)
  • Bachelor    =2.50 / 2nd class (minimum)
  • Tuition cost may be varied from $(2000-2500) yearly depending on different institutions.
  • Hotel &Tourism Management ( Euro6000) yearly
  • BA, BBA,BSC, BCOM, Engineering ( Euro6500) yearly
  • Business Diploma, Engineering Diploma (Euro6500) yearly

Certificate Courses:

  • Engineering Diploma, Electrical Technician Certificate, Plumbing Technician Certificate.
  • (Euro6000-7000) yearly
  • MBA, MCOM, MSC.(Euro 8000) yearly
  • 1st semester intake
  • January application deadline: November 30
  • 2nd semester Intake
  • September application deadline: May 30
  • IELTS score 6 required for full admission .Holding (5.5 & 5.0) score is eligible but (condition apply)
  • University of Amsterdam
  • Leiden University
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Tilburg University
  • University of Curacao
  • University of Harderwijk
  • Copy of Biographical pages of the passport
  • Copy of SSC & HSC certificates & mark sheets
  • A medical certificate issued not more than thirty days prior to the submission of the application
  • Birth certificate
  • Police clearance certificate covering five years of residence & issued not more than six months prior to the submission of application
  • Two passport sized photographs with full name printed on the reverse side.
  • Bank statement optional 15-20 Lac BDT
  • Application form for student permit
  • Bank statement for his or her name or parent’s name
  • Marriage certificate if married.
  • Two original character references- By University Teacher
  • Income statement
  • Asset declaration on plane white/ stamp paper.
  • By Marriage                     :  In three- six months can get PR
  • By Legally Residing        : In five Years after PR

1.    All original mark sheets from S.S.C to B.E (or responsive).
2.    All passing certificates.
3.    Degree certificate (Convocation).
4.    School leaving certificate.
5.    College leaving certificate. Statement of purpose. (SOP)
6.    Recommendation letters.
7.    Transcripts. Medical history life.


1.    Rug sack for school
2.    Scientific calculator
3.    Lead pencils (0.5 mm) 2-3 in number with lead boxes.
4.    Ball pens and refills.
5.    Eraser.
6.    Stapler with pins.
7.    Reference books/ textbooks etc.

Finally Things to be Left at home

  • Copies of book containing addresses of friend & relatives
  • Photocopies of original document and copies of passport with visa and any other endorsement if any.
  • Medical history file (Photocopies)
  • Few blank signed papers.
  • Passport size photos
  • Photocopy of issue slip of traveler’s checks.
  • Prepare a book containing addresses, Telephone Num. & E-mail ID of friends & relatives from both BD & Bahamas
  • Things to be kept in handbag (Which is with Passenger in the flight)

1.    Regular medicines(Avomin)
2.    Books for reading.
3.    Full sweater.
4.    Folders containing original documents
5.    Money (Cash, Traveler checks, DD)
6.    Book Containing addresses of relatives and friends

  • You can travel to USA, Canada, EU countries without the needed of a visa.