Malaysia Student Visa

1.Short brief about Malaysia

Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. It consists of thirteen states and three federal territories and has a total landmass of 329,847 square kilometers separated by the South Capital: Kuala Lumpur Dialing code: 60 Currency: Malaysian ringgit Population: 29.24 million (2012) Official language: Malaysian language

2.Why study in Malaysia

100% English Medium study system. No Bank Sponsor, Easy Visa process.
It’s possible to study with low GPA/CGPA. Part-time Job facility.

3.BBA/MBA/EEE/CSE Program offered and duration in Malaysia

  • Diploma: Hotel management, Public health management সহ সকল Engg কোর্স
  • Duration : 2 years
  • Under Graduate : EEE, CSE, Mechanical Engg. – Engg. কোর্স , BBA-সহ সকল Business Related কোর্স |
  • Duration : 3-4 years
  • Post Graduate : M.Sc, MBA, MCOM, MSC and PhD (Research)
  • Duration : 2 years

4.Scholarship in Malaysia

  • Student will get scholarship only for M.Sc & PhD Program.

5.Semester in Malaysia University

  • February-March
  • June-July
  • September-October

6.Tuition fees per year in BDT

  • Diploma: 2.5lac-3lac/year
  • Under Graduate : 3.5lac-6.0lac/year
  • Post Graduate : 4.0lac-8.0lac/year
  • When to pay tuition fees
  • After Visa

7.Application fees in BDT

  • 5,000 BDT (

8.Living expense in BDT per month

  • 10,000-12,000TK

Minimum GPA/CGPA requirement

  • Diploma: SSC: 2.5-3.5 min

Under Graduate :

  • SSC : 3.0 – 3.5 min
  • HSC : 3.0 – 3.5 min

Post Graduate:

  • SSC : 3.0 – 3.5 min
  • HSC : 3.0 – 3.5 min


  • CGPA- 2.5 out of 4 or 2nd Class

English Language proficiency
With IELTS/without IELTS (Depend On University)

Visa application

  • In Bangladesh

Necessary documents

  • Passport.
  • All Academic Certificate & Transcript.
  • S.S.C & H.S.C Admit+ Registration card.
  • Birth Certificate (In English).
  • Recommendation Letter (Masters).
  • CV (Masters).
  • Experience Letter if job holder (Masters).
  • Photo (8 Copy on White Background).
  • IELTS/TOEFL Certificate.
  • Medical Certificate.
  • Trade License from Father (Businessman).
  • Employment Certificate from Father (Service Holder)
  • Income Tax Certificate (by public Notary).
  • Police Clearance Certificate

4.Sponsor details

  • No Bank statements have to sow in Embassy

Embassy fees and processing time

  • Consulate fee: 1500 BDT
  • Time : 1.5-2 months


  • No

7.Embassy Locations & Hours

  • Address : Malaysian High Commission in Dhaka
  • House No. 19, Road No. 6, Baridhara
  • Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
  • Phone: 88 02 8827759, 88 02 8827760
  • Fax: 88 02 8827761, 88 02 8823115
  • E-mail:,
  • Work days: Sunday – Thursday 8.30 a.m – 4.30 p.m
  • (Lunch Break: 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm)
  • Public Holidays: Friday & Saturday

Application Center

  • Not Applicable

Visa interview tips

  • Not Applicable

1.    Logistics details
After getting visa, a student doesn’t know what he/she will do?
So here some tips about it:-
1.    Malaysia is a tow season’s country. Rainy & Summer. So a student will carry normal Cloth. Such as:
a)    Shirt. b) Pant. c) Jeans Pant. d) T-shirt. e)  Shoe.

2.    Bag & Luggage
a)    Luggage. b) Hand Bag. c) Travel Bag.
3.    How much a student can carry in his Luggage & Handbag?
a)    Luggage:- 20kg-46kg (Depend on Country & Airlines)
b)    Handbag:- 7kg
4.    A student confirmed his Air ticket for reaching destination.

2.    Arrival way (cost)
Malaysia Arrival Way:
Minimum 3 Airlines go to Malaysia.
a)    United Airlines.
b)    Bangladesh Airlines.
c)    Malaysian Airlines.
Ticket Price: – 25,000BDT – 30,000BDT (One way)
: – 35,000BDT-50,000BDT (With Return ticket)
Business Class: – 1, 20,000BDT
Economic Class: – 65,000BDT
Carry in Luggage: – 35kg
Hand Bag: – 10kg

3.    Brief about Airport

After confirmed the air ticket what will a student do in Airport?
1.    He/She will enter the airport three hours before flight schedule.
2.     Report to the Airlines Office with passport & air ticket for boarding Pass.
3.    Fill up the boarding pass & collecting it.
4.    Check the luggage & handbag.
5.    Report to the immigrant officer with boarding pass, passport & air ticket.
6.    After Passing the Immigration waiting for flight.

1.    Employment opportunities
International Students can be able to apply for permission to work after starting their course. Applying process for a student visa with work permission can be organized electronically or on paper.

You will be able to get the chance to work up to 20 hrs a week on a casual basis during course time and full time during vacation periods.

Generally students of masters and PhD. Students spouse can apply for permission to work unlimited hours but, conditionally can also apply for permission to work up to 20 hours during a year. After completing you course, you may qualify for PR Visa for Malaysia.

2.   Wage rate
•    Students are legally permitted to work 20 hour/week.
•    Minimum wage rate 1.5 Dollar/5RM/125BDT/hour.
•    Monthly income 20,000BDT-25,000BDT

1.    Special Facility
•    খুব দ্রুত  Permanent Resident হওয়া যায়|
•    World-এর যে কোন Country-তে Permanent হওয়ার সুযোগ |
•    বিশ্বমানের Multinational Company-তে Job করার সুযোগ|
2.    Acquisition of Citizenship
•    By Marriage          :  Yes
•    By Legally Residing    : In 7 Years
3.    Advantage of Acquisition of Citizenship

4.    Spouse
•    Not Exists

1.    FAQ
•    প্রশ্ন: Why Study in Malaysia?
উত্তর : Tuition Fee হাতের নাগালেই | সপ্তাহে শুধু মাত্র 2 দিন ক্লাস করে, বাকি 5 দিন কাজ করার সুযোগ। এছাড়াও বিভিন্ন Subject- এ English Version এ পড়ার সুযোগ সহ International মানের Degree. ইউরোপ ও আমেরিকায় Credit Transfer এর সুযোগ।
•    প্রশ্ন: IELTS- ছাড়া Malaysia তে যাওয়া যাবে কি না ?
উত্তর: Apply করা যাবে
•    প্রশ্ন: Malaysia যেতে কেমন খরচ হতে পারে?
উত্তর: 2-3 Lac (সবসহ)
•    প্রশ্ন: ব্যাংক Solvency কত দেখাতে হবে?
উত্তর: প্রয়োজন নেই।
•    প্রশ্ন: Part Time Job-এর সুবিধা কি?
উত্তর: 20 hours/Per week,  Diploma program এ আরো বেশী কাজ করার সুবিধা।
•    প্রশ্ন: Malaysia যেতে হলে ইংরেজীর দক্ষতা কেমন থাকা দরকার?
উত্তর: English Speaking Skill থাকলেই চলবে তবে IELTS থাকলে ভাল।
•    প্রশ্ন: Malaysia student visa- য় কয়টি semester?
উত্তর: 3 Semester. Jan-Feb, May-June, Sep-Oct.
•    প্রশ্ন: Malaysia তে Job facility  কেমন এবং কেমন income করা যাবে?
উত্তর: আমরা Job Facility-র নিশ্চয়তা প্রদান করে থাকি। মাসে 50,000-60,000 টাকা Income করা যাবে এবং 30,000-40,000 টাকা পর্যন্ত save করা সম্ভব।
প্রশ্ন: Visa processing – এ কত সময় লাগতে পারে?
উত্তর: 1.5-2  Months সময় লাগবে।
•    প্রশ্ন: আমি কি Malaysia – র  University  থেকে Scholarship পেতে পারি?
উত্তর: শুধু মাত্র Masters/PhD Program এর ক্ষেত্রে Scholarship  পাওয়া সম্ভব।
সে ক্ষেত্রে IELTS এর Score নূন্যতম 6 হতে হবে।

Package : 30,000BDT